U.B.A la Subtil decanter

Reveals to perfection the subtleties of delicate wines.
Height 258 mm
Width 167 mm
Capacity 2200 ml
Lead-free glassware mouth-blown.
“Love your flaws for they are part of you.” This is the philosophy behind our distinctive ‘U.B.A’ stemware collection, where the tiniest natural imperfections in the creative process – a bubble, a ripple, a straw mark – are the hallmarks of artisan authenticity.
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Sydonios glasses are handcrafted by our master glassmakers using artisanal production methods.

The melting of raw materials leads to imperfections in a certain proportion f ur production. These aesthetic imperfections do not justify the destruction of these glasses, and the associated environmental costs.

We refuse to waste the precious work of our glassmakers.

The decanter from Sydonios’ UBA range are of the same shape as Sydonios decanter. They are unique in their imperfection and will fully express the characteristics of your wines.

Caring for Sydonios Glass.

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