The glassworks

This is where the art of the glassblower dedicated to fine wine truly excels. Mouth-blown and shaped by hand, each glass is supremely thin, feather-light and precise, the sine qua non of fine glassware.

Baptiste Larbre

The launch of our first glassworks in Bondues in northern France, in August 2022, is testament to our resolute commitment to breathe new life into French traditional skills. Firmly rooted in a region renowned for its focus on glassmaking culture, we create exceptional works of supreme finesse and precision. We are currently the only glassworks in France to produce this type of glassware.

In developing this unique craft, our aim was to stay true to artisan glassmaking tradition, with a distinctive modern touch. The glassworks is proud to host the most high-performance, insulated electric furnace in Europe.

Every last detail provides a stage on which the master glassmaker can perform in true virtuoso style. Precision, teamwork and perseverance align to form the perfect tasting vessel. Failure is all part of the process for the glassmaker. Only by repeating the same gestures over and over can true mastery be achieved. These values are the lifeblood of each member of our team, shaping our distinction and our intangible cultural heritage.

The metamorphosis
of molten glass
to glassware par excellence

Creating each Sydonios glass is a micro-choreographed ballet performed by a team of seven master-glassmakers, in a series of precise, meticulous and intricate moves. In the 1200°C furnace, Erin gathers the exact quantity of molten glass, and using a rod and blowing iron, shapes the molten crystal into a ball. Loïc gathers more molten glass and blows into a glass-shaped mold to form the bowl. Yohann takes the stage, drawing the material to form the glass stem, marked by its distinctively delicate form. Enter Baptiste, who takes the glass, and with balletic grace, adds the base with the aid of his trusted fruitwood blocks. Now complete, Anais detaches the glass from the rod. After a brief spell in the annealing oven, the glass is stable. Rachida makes the final cut with a diamond cutter and gentle flame. And for the finale, Alexis polishes the glass like a precious stone.

The glasses are meticulously controlled at every stage. We work with extremely low tolerances to replicate the exact proportions specifically designed for the optimum tasting experience.

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