“To create exceptional glassware reflecting the talent of the winemaker and all the sensory quality of the wines.”

Baptiste Larbre & Antoine Schvartz

If wine tasting is an art, then the glass itself should frame the masterpiece and reflect the style of the work to perfection. When we launched the Sydonios adventure in 2016, we only had one thought in mind: to create a tasting glass of supreme-quality, worthy of transcribing fine wine to the highest standards of oenological precision.

Our mouth-blown, lead-free wine glasses epitomise this unstinting quest for perfection. Our glassware is borne of the desire to be different, to actively explore new pathways and defy convention. To this end, we undertook an innovative science-led project in collaboration with more than a hundred fine wine experts.

This unprecedented, science-led and collaborative approach has confirmed the instrumental role of the glass in the tasting experience. It also dispelled any preconceived ideas and highlighted the true variables that come into play when expressing fine wine.

Rather than pursuing an approach determined by grape variety, colour or appellation, our research inspired us to focus purely on framing wine style.

Antoine Schvartz
& CEO of the manufactury
Baptiste Larbre
& chairman of Sydonios
Pierre- Édouard Mouton
& sales director

A bold take on tradition

Our exceptional wine glasses, of unrivalled finesse and precision, also reveal the virtuoso art of mouth-blown glass, a legacy of age-old, yet timeless know-how.
The artisan skill rekindled today at our glassworks in northern France aspires to follow in the footsteps of a long tradition of master glassmakers. We are passionate about bringing this artistic skill-set to life, which makes us all the more determined to take our artform to even greater heights with every creation.
Fervent advocates of authenticity and quality, we work with local partners who share the same sustainable values.


“We are proud to preserve and promote age-old glassmaking techniques through our collection of stemware and decanters.”

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