Sydonios la Subtil decanter

Reveals to perfection the subtleties of delicate wines
Height 258 mm
Width 167 mm
Capacity 2200 ml
Lead-free glassware mouth-blown.
The Sydonios collection is intended for prestigious wine and the art of tasting. The ultimate in sophisticated elegance, feather-light and incredibly thin, the glass fades modestly leaving the focus instead on framing the sensory qualites of the wine.
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Our exceptional wine glasses, of unrivalled finesse and precision, also reveal the virtuoso art of mouth-blown glass, a legacy of age-old, yet timeless know-how.

The artisan skill rekindled today at our glassworks in northern France aspires to follow in the footsteps of a long tradition of master glassmakers. We are passionate about bringing this artistic skill-set to life, which makes us all the more determined to take our artform to even greater heights with every creation.

Fervent advocates of authenticity and quality, we work with local partners who share the same sustainable values.

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